Sue Kenney “Pilgrim on Purpose”

As the pilgrim in her book “My Camino”, Sue Kenney discovered purpose in her voice.

Dan Millman is also “Living on Purpose”

When Lynn discovered that Dan Millman’s book was called “Living on Purpose” she welcomed him to be her guest, and he graciously accepted.

Introducing Lynn Thompson & “Living on Purpose”

Join host Lynn Thompson as she meets with Elizabeth Cunningham, author of “Magdalen Rising” in her introductory program here on WomensRadio, July 2007.

Children at High Risk

Dr. Doris Rapp, international expert on the effects of chemical toxins on children, helps us looks at their escalating diseases with new eyes.

Political Asylum or Concentration Camps?

Jay J. Johnson, the Border Ambassador, shares the unimaginable truth that the U. S. is in the concentration camp business.

Feminine Leadership, The Power to Change the World

Kathe Schaff, of Gather the, shares her experiences of feminine leadership and the power of a woman’s authentic voice.

Walking in My Sister’s Shoes

Karambu Ringera, born in Kenya, shares her country’s war ravished, poverished situations and how women are facing and changing their communities.

Prepare to Survive

The subject of Dr. Verona Fontes’ conversation is how each individual can prepare to assure physical and emotional stability to survive through crisis.

Leaders Speak Truth

Lisa Marshall shares how mature leaders use stories to inspire as they speak truth and point to hope.

Your Environment, Your Disease

Dr. Hanshew explains that heavy metals and chemical toxins play a major role in many of our diseases such as autism, ADD, ADHD, Fibermylogia, cancer, MS, and weight gain.