The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine

Pixie remained in contact with White Spirit throughout her life and in the year 2003 White Spirit evolved…

Exploring the Genetic Vision

We’re going to explore the Genetic Vision written inside everyone…

New Member Orientation

Learn More about the Diva Movement and ways to connect
We will be walking you through the steps in completing your Diva Movement profile

Tap into a Guidance System You Are Born With – Danae Shanti

Danae Shanti feels that WOMEN are being summoned by the Universe to stand in their authentic power to usher in a new world consciousness.

Light the way to sacred power and peace with Beth Lynch

Beth is dedicated to guiding those to a place in the heart where power of One’s spirit is ready to light the way to sacred power and peace

Whispers from the Wild with Amelia Kinkade

From Great White Sharks to poisonous Black Mamba to the mighty Elephants, Amelia Kinkade shares their message to humanity.

Guest renowned author and mystic Andrew Harvey

World renowned author and mystic Andrew Harvey: a spiritual warrior and sacred activist…

Improving Your Relationships

Intimacy is critical to the growth of our souls, and we learn our life lessons through the numerous opportunities …

Zawadisha Radically Changing the Lives of Kenya Women

Jen Gurecki talks about Zawadisha and it’s future goals.

Defining Fatherhood Part 1 with Andre Harrison

The Four F’s that Define Fatherhood” (Part 1) with show guest Andre Harrison