Solar Energy Prevails at San Francisco Green Festival

WOMEN-luminalt-Jeanine Cotter owner of Luminalt, which designs and builds solar electric and solar hot water systems on single and multi-family residences and commercial buildings.On top of  the Mission Pie business in San Francisco. If possible please n

Jeanine Cotter shares how she carved her path to leadership in solar and the importance of diversity in the workforce.

A Zero Carbon Footprint Home

GCM photo

A conversation with author Sheri Koones of the “Prefabulous” book series. These energy-efficient homes are as beautiful as they are green.

Facebook Sustainability Guru

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Interview with Bill Weihl, Director of Sustainability at Facebook on the energy efficiency approaches happening at FB.

Cool Planet Leads Way in Agricultural Solutions


Wes Bolsen shared how the CoolTerra™ product will help increase crop yields; reduce water in drought regions, and reduce fertilizer use.

The Future of Technology!


With seasoned digital, audio specialist and webmaster, Phillip Haveard!

Why Gen Y Should Unplug from Digital Lives


Tips for creating personal plans to disengage

Unplugging and Rewiring Gen Y in an Overwired World


Strategies for success despite technology overload

Cybercrimes and Gen Y


How tech-savvy Millennials can guard against computer attacks

Gen Y Finding Their Space in “App Economy”


Future of apps includes integration beyond mobile devices

Jack of All Tech Trades


Computer specialist in consulting, networking, repairs, web design, digital photography and video production.