Episode 14 Top Dog QB Tom Brady

Tom Brady – A QB that is a mover and shaker.

Episode 13 How QB’s Become Winners

Final 2 minutes of each game can determine WINNERS and LOSERS.

Episode 12 QB’s Watch the Clock

Quarterbacks that don’t manage the clock are LOSERS.

Episode 11 QB Runs for his Life!

QB’s Need to Evade Defensive Players to keep from Getting Tackled.

Episode 10 QB’s False Moves

QB’s can be penalized for a false start, and throwing away the ball.

Episode 9 QB’s Tricks of His Trade

How QB’s Use the Bootleg, Scramble, QB Sneak, and Hail Mary Plays.

Episode 8 Scoring Touchdowns

The more TD’s the QB scores the more points he racks up.

Episode 7: QB in a Shootout

The quarterback has lots of moves he can make to score points.

Episode 6 Three Disasters for the Quarterback

QB’s must try to avoid Fumbles, Sacks, and Interceptions!

Episode 5 QB Pass the Ball

How the quarterback moves the ball down the field.