The Great Fitness Experiment

Interview with Charlotte Hilton Anderson.

Wake Up to Younger Skin!

Skin health is more than skin deep in this interview with revolutionary dermatologist and knight, Sir Dr. Zein Obagi.

Be Beautiful Inside and Out

Interview with Michelle Phillips.

“Delight in Living” with Yoga Fusion program, RASA

Interview with RASA founders, Jehan Izhar and Randall Simpson.

Brains, Drums, Exercise, and a Smarter YOU

Interview with Brain Body Training Visionary, Carrie Ekins, MA.

Create the Body You Want Through Consciousness and Quantum Physics

Interview with Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive, Patricia Diorio, MA.

Why Go From FIT to FAT On Purpose?

Interview with Drew Manning, Fit2Fat2Fit.

LA Green Fest Brings Healthy Beauty Products!

Alexandra Spunt talks about the importance of using natural cosmetic products at the LA Green Festival

Bike Riding 76 Miles Per Day at 76 Years Young

Interview with Hank Darlington, super fit grandpa and long distance cyclist.

Fitness, Cancer, Tracking Past and Future Trends

Interview with Award-Winning Instructor, Petra Kolber.