Days to Life: A journey into your conscious

Join us in this conversation that integrates personal transformation and business success.

Your voice matters! Turn your SPEAKING into your MAGIC WAND

Monique Blokzyl, founder of mySpeakerBusiness, helping Entrepreneurs & Experts to Speak up, Scale up and Make a Bigger Difference.

The Gate of Light

Lars tells us of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in 1946 and how we found out about the ancient group Essenes

Dreams that Can Save Your Life

How have you used dreams to save your own life?

How to Advocate for Yourself When Struggling with Chronic Illness

It can be challenging to speak up to ‘white-coat-authority’ when you are feeling crummy…

Why are we Created and Alive?

The Meaning of Life. The Science of Mind. The Science of God.

Ines Beyer Talks About Death is Not the End

Ines Beyer suffered a serious illness that put her own mortality foremost in her mind…

Mastery Through Love

Mastery through love is the key to taking us right back home to Self Realization.

Choosing your Pets is a lot like Choosing your Family

Laura’s experiences and stories reveal the wisdom of our animal companions…

Is a New Approach to Preconception Care the Key to Preventing Autism?

Dr. Riobe specializes in traditional Chinese medicine, functional medicine and conventional medicine…