Choices & Decisions


How do we navigate through the sea of decisions that face us each day?

Guest John Lorin, Author of The Radiance Sutras


The teaching emerges from the lovemaking of the Goddess and the God within our hearts.

Guest Gerry Welles


Gerry Welles will be talking about the significance of numbers in our lives …

Launch Into Life Mastery Thru Giving/Receiving, Fasting/Prayer


Dr Leslie and Nathan Amaral explore the circle of life of giving and receiving…

Choices & Options

Rita Strough and Michael Gross

A discussion on the baffling array of choices and options that we are presented with on a daily basis.

Will You Be an Ascended Master?


Ascended beings are like you and me in that we all descended into the physical dimension from the same Source.

Guest Francis Rico Musician

Jeff Ferrannini

Francis Rico Hayhurst combines ancient and modern shamanic wisdom with an irrepressible advocacy for having fun and enjoying life.

Yum! Learning to Love Weeds


Jerome wants to inspire and educate us about our ever-changing food service DEEDS …

Spiritual Lessons from A Life in Acting

Dr. Miller

Dr. Miller has for his guest on Conversations with Extraordinary People actress Dee Wallace.

Guest Dr. Amelia Kemp

Sheryl Glick

Author of From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy, an alternative healing guide …