Interview: Tara Mohr, Author of Playing Big

Tara Mohr and host Marlene discuss being “more loyal to your dreams than your fears”, …

Our Words are like Magnets

Calling forth whatever it is We are Talking About with Mary Shores

Sheryl Glick interviews Ellen Mc Donough

Ellen Mc Donough an artist and creator of Pure Light which is Reiki –infused music for relaxation…

Daniel Pinchbeck author of How Soon Is Now?

Daniel will show us how the ecological crisis we are experiencing now can provide an opportunity…

Invisible Courage with Filomena Tripp

Born in 1955 in São Miguel, Azores with undeveloped arms and one undeveloped leg, struggle is all Filomena has ever known.

The Optimized Patient

How to Prepare for, Survive, and Recover from Spine or Other Major Surgeries (knee, hip, shoulder, etc.) with Harvey Warren

Communicating With Horses

Karen Anderson is an excellent communicator with our companion animals, both living and dead.

Becoming Yourself with Jan Engels-Smith

Jan shares information about soul retrieval, examples of physical and emotional healing with shamanism

The Good Grief Network

Aimee and Laura speak in depth about learning the skill of grieving …

30 Years of Attitudinal Healing

Aeeshah Clottey shares what Attitudinal Healing Connection, Inc has accomplished.