Bruja On Books: Dr. Gabrielle Francis & The Rockstar Remedy


Yolanda Shoshana chats with rock & roll doctor, Dr. Gabrielle Francis, the author of the Rockstar Remedy.

Primary Resources as We Evolve

Rita Strough and Michael Gross

As we grow and evolve as Light Beings, we rely on our Spiritual Support Team …

Kelly Sullivan Walden


Kelly Sullivan Walden is a Dream Expert, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker, TV personality ….

Byron Metcalf Ph.D

Jeff Ferrannini

Byron has been intensely involved in consciousness research and spiritual development…

Save Them All


Their mission is simple and incredibly powerful: “Together, we will end the killing in America’s shelters. Save them all.”

Awakening Consciousness

Dr. Miller

A Conversation with Arjuna Ardagh, the founder of the Living Essence Foundation in Nevada City, California

Adam C. Hall author of The Earth Keeper

Sheryl Glick

Adam will share his real life story about one man’s journey from an Earth Conqueror to an Earth Keeper.

A Day Hike and Traveling with Pets Hour 2


Dr. Randy and Pauly B. cover a wide range of trending topics regarding our furry friends.

All We Need is Love


We will fill the circle of energy with love – pure, simple LOVE.

Conscious Creation – Episode #233 – 1/25/2015

Dee Smiling

Dee is an actress, healer and author having published 5 books: Conscious Creation, The Big E, Bright Light, Wake Up Now! & Getting Stuff.