Barry Goldstein: Secret Language of the Heart

Barry Goldstein shares how every one of us–the musical and non-musical alike–can harness the power of music …

Special Guest Rev. Dr Edwige Bingue

Edwige is a Lightbody Mentor and metaphysical practitioner.

Episode Title: The Truth About Reality, Part 1

Many people perceive math and logic as the window into the purest truth, but what role do the heart and spirit play?

Time from the Spiritual Perspective

Always looking at the clock? Feel like you are running out of time?

Teaching Through the Veil with Carol Morgan

Listen to Carol Morgan as she talks about her son’s death and how he came back to her …..

Scaling Equitable Climate Policy

The Oberlin Project started as a way to improve the resilience, prosperity and sustainability of their community.

A Short Path to Change with Jenny Mannion

In a single moment your life can change!

Leap to Freedom: Healing Quantum Guilt

Devrah does not use concepts but instead focuses on being open to the creative power of discovery …

Understanding Family Dynamics

The Impact of Your Parent Relationship on Your Life!

The Inner Game of Stress

Edd is a warm and understanding healer as well as a highly skilled practitioner of Western medical science.