The Importance of Writing Poems

Bernie Siegel

Dr. Bernie shares poems he wrote at different times in his life…

Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path


Dr. Clemens Dolzlmueller, speaks to the work of Bruno Groening.

Deciding to Risk Movement

Carolyn Romano

Today Carolyn will be discussing deciding risk movement …

Understanding Your Dreams for Enlightenment


Why are dreams so significant and understanding them so important?

Open Hearts, and the Spirit of Love

Dr. Miller

This time they explore the tender, yet deep, passion of Love

Echoes In The Universe

Sheryl Glick

Leonard will share certain spiritual experience including that of transmitting energy to the earth …

Sandra Carter, CEO of Mushroom Matrix, GMO free ingredients Hr 1


Sandra Carter discusses the health benefits of all natural supplements in your pet’s daily routine

We Are Spirit in Human Form

Janet Kessenich-new

Have you experienced deja-vu or a sense that you’ve lived another lifetime before this one?

Emotionally Charged Triggers


Sue Graywolf Petruzzi and Smokey Whitewolf Steiner will talk about some of the “triggers” they have had or still have …

What Happens When We Die?

Lynn McGonagill

Death is part of the Game of Life, and it’s a good experience, not a bad one! What happens next?