Befriending Money on Purpose ~ Free Expansive Ideas

Befriending Money on Purpose offers free expansive ideas for growing on your life journey. Musings on Money by Lynn Thompson

Exploring Relationships

Relationships. Everyone dreams of finding Their One True Love, but does that even exist?

Improving Mobility in Arthritic Pets

Dr. Megan Kelly, Veterinarian and Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner

Authenticity Creates Beautiful Bonds

Join Host Monica Iglesias and her daughter Beyza Iglesias, as they express their authenticity …

Revealing Unconscious Thoughts (Part 1 of 2)

David shares incredible parables of Divine Providence and and how trust in the Spirit leads the way…

Danielle Dulsky: Woman Most Wild

Woman Most Wild is a fierce, raw, and unapologetic affirmation of women’s spiritual freedom.

Invisible Courage with Filomena Tripp

Filomena Tripp had a dream, a dream she held in her heart for a very long time. That dream was to write a book…

Listening to the Voice Within

We all have a voice within that speaks to us. Guidance comes to us in many forms.

Roberta Talks About What Will Come After Christianity

Discovering that the Christian dogmas are wrong, but Jesus is entirely right…

Irish Mediums, Angel Love Orla Shevlin & Christine Noctor

How Mediumship works and how the Angels work