Special Guest Shiela Baker teacher of Shamanism

Get ready for a fun and enlightening evening as we take this Cosmic Journey with my ‘special guest’ Shiela Baker.

Materialization Mediums with Waller Joel

Waller Joel is a dedicated lay researcher in the field of afterlife communication.

“An Hour with Rita”

Join Rita as she communicates with her angel guides….

“You are the Architect of Your Life” with Melissa Kay

Bob and Melissa discuss how to create the life you want in all areas, relationships, family, prosperity, and career goals.

Les Jensen: The Vision of Our Heart and Soul

Les Jensen talks about how we can show up in an authentic and powerful way, fulfilling the vision of our heart and soul.

Quantum Cognition with Jerome R. Busemeyer

Do humans think more like quantum computers than classical computers?

Being in the Unknown… The New Normal

Feeling lost with no direction? Have no clue of who you are, how to be or how to create what’s next?

Near Death Experiences with PMH Atwater

PMH Atwater has for more than thirty years been a leading researcher in the field of near-death experiences.

Start the New Year Right! Partner Up with the Angels!

Have you thought about communicating directly with angels for guidance and help?

Green Investing: What’s Your Strategy?

How green is your investing? Timothy Yee, President & Co-Founder of Green Retirement Inc.