The Gift of Our Compulsions, Our Core Compulsion is To Struggle


Mary O’Malley is an author, teacher and counselor whose work awakens others to the joy of being fully alive

Tim Simmerman-Sierra on Hypnotic Radio Hour

Jody Kimmell Cindy Locher

Listen in to a lively discussion about the current and future state of hypnosis

Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment

Dr. Miller

A Conversation with Dr Erik Peper

Guest Lori Berlin

michael kovarik

Guest Lori Berlin is a multimedia executive and Emmy – award winning producer.

Why Love Never Dies! Even For An Agnostic


Ken is an agnostic who says he isn’t sure if there is an afterlife!

Dr. Robert Sapien on the Hypnotic Radio Hour

Jody Kimmell Cindy Locher

Dr. Robert Sapien, is responsible for the current NIH research involving hypnotherapy, which is getting a lot of attention

7 Steps of Hope, Healing From Chronic Illness

Dr. Miller

7 STEPS OF HOPE Healing the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Impact of Chronic Illness and Disability

Become An Earth Angel

Sheryl Glick

Realize your own brilliant life force and personal power …

New York Times Best-Seller Author Dannion Brinkley & Kathryn Brinkley


Join me for an eye opening discussion that can and should be translated into your own life!

Peaceful Healing with Archangel Raphael


Learn how to work with Archangel Raphael for optimal healing in your life.