Orchestra Conductor Links Music and Leadership

Hugh Ballou talks about the leadership skills he developed after being an orchestra conductor for 40 years.

Org Brings Human Population Numbers in Balance with Earth’s Resources

Katie Elmore talks about PMC’s mission and initiatives to improve the status of women worldwide.

CG Awards Honors Society’s Peace Makers and Conflict Resolution Leaders

Susan Koscis talks about this year’s Common Ground Awards’ treasured recipients.

Creating the Next Wave of Women Film Directors and Global Film Tour

Generation HERstory, developed by the Women’s Film Institute, is sending films from 11 women filmmaker winners to cities around the world.

IndieGrrl Begins New Music Tradition in Knoxville

Karen Reynolds, VP of IndieGrrl, establishes multi-musical venues for independent women music artists from across the U.S. and around the world.

“Speed Grieving” Producer Consoles Millions With Her Film

Alysia Reiner, Actress and Producer of “Speed Grieving,” helps others in pain by gaining new approaches to healing after a loss.

New Host for World-Class Women’s Music

Tommie Brewster, singer/song-write from New Zealand, Hosts new program featuring women’s music from around the world.

Kindred Souls Bring Forth the Art of Sexuality & Romance

New WR Hosts, Al Cole and Art Noble, bring sexual and romantic knowledge to women.

Tapping Into Consciousness and our Common Journey

Aros Crystos talks about his connection to eternal truth, and what led him to his unique calling.

Giving Lasting Form to a Perfect Moment

Dana Davis talks about his latest project, “Finding Frida Kahlo.”