Women Set Trends for Going “Greener”

Margaret McAllister talks about the upcoming LOHAS Forum and women in the green economy.

George Wallace, Legendary Comedian & Actor, Appears on The Al Cole Show!

George Wallace is on Comedy Central’s list of the 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time! He was Best Man at the wedding of best friend Jerry Seinfeld!

Hear Choral Festival Sing in Reno!

Jennifer Tibben talks about the upcoming American International Choral Festival.

7th Annual SF Women’s Film Festival Arrives!

Scarlett Shepard shares what attendees can look forward to at this year’s San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival.

Transformational Leadership Yields Success

Hugh Ballou talks about the leadership skills that can bring success in business.

Film Reveals the Heart of the Hurricane Katrina Story

Renee Wilson talks about her film entitled “Crepe Covered Sidewalks,” which will screen at the SF Women’s Film Festival.

“Three Veils” Screens at SF Women’s Film Fest!

Rolla Selbak discusses the storyline and themes of her new film “Three Veils.”

SF Women’s Film Festival Brings Opal to Life!

Dina Ciraulo discusses the premier of her new film “Opal” at the SF International Women’s Film Festival.

“Mr. Romance”, Al Cole, Heats his “Al Cole-holics” with Passionate Love Reads on Valentines Day!

Talk Show Host, Author, Singer Al Cole & his romantic, sensual voice welcomes women to a Valentines Day “Romantic Poetry For Lovers with Al Cole”!

Actress Tanna Frederick and “Mr. Romance” Al Cole offer Relationship Advice on Valentines Day!

Tanna & Al are great with the relationship advice. Their advice to lovers is a classic…and this time, to all lovers…on Valentines Day!