Masters of Stride Piano

Renowned Pianists Frederick Hodges and Stephanie Trick talk about their passion for Ragtime music.

Jennifer Muller, Icon, Artist & Legend

Jennifer Muller talks about her passion, dance, and why it is so important.

Art & Soul – Celebrities Unite & a Book of Photos & More Come Alive

Susan talks with Pulitzer Prize photographer Brian Smith.

Music Can Make a Difference: Ask a Vocal Psychotherapist

Susan Brender interviews Vocal Psychotherapist Patrica Preston Roberts.

A Special Song Promotes Healthy Pregnancies

Rhett May talks about his song “Mama.”

Creative, Active Minds = Vitality

Susan interviews Warren Berger a journalist and author of “Glimmer.”

Ellen Burstyn Speaks

Think about Ellen Burstyn, think about Vitality.

Being A Humorous Speaker Makes Crowds Go Wild!

Sally Edwards talks about what it takes to be a good comedian.

Women Set Trends for Going “Greener”

Margaret McAllister talks about the upcoming LOHAS Forum and women in the green economy.

George Wallace, Legendary Comedian & Actor, Appears on The Al Cole Show!

George Wallace is on Comedy Central’s list of the 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time! He was Best Man at the wedding of best friend Jerry Seinfeld!