Building Confidence through Performing Arts

Diana Hoffman talks about Music with Confidence, a non-profit dedicated to helping bullied and abused children build self-esteem.

Lynn Heubach: Dreaming of Travel after Coronavirus

Should you book travel now?

Gordon Firemark: Finding Gratitude in Coronavirus Environment

Alternatives to entertainment law with the theaters closed down

Your Story Can Change the World

Bridget Cook-Burch discusses using the power of story.

Female Empowerment within Music and Entertainment

Johnnie Walker talks about how she started her career in the music, radio and record industry.

Manifest Positivity and Creativity

Tina Nicole discusses her new book, “Dream Design Disrupt.”

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #370

“Make The Best” is a classic from Mariam, a beautifully simple folk song with a profound message…

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #369

We finish with a rocking take of Mariam’s classic Hawaiian song “Pele”.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #368

“Ryalia”, a song from Mariam about a priestess of the forest and the reverence shown to her by the woodland creatures

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #367 Part Two

“You And Me Sailing On The Open Sea” is a gorgeous tone poem that breathes serenity …