Your Book Is Your Hook! – YouTube & 30,000 Downloads of His Book

Gideon Shalwick, key expert on using online video and YouTube to help you gain massive exposure online for yourself, your business and your book.

Mixed Multimedia Meetings During a Recession? Call This Lady!

Joan Eisenstodt talks about the hazards and liabilities of meeting planning and emerging trends to be discussed at Exhibitor 2010 Conference.

“Your Book Is Your Hook!” – LinkedIn Expert & “LinkedWorking”

Lewis Howes helps others and authors understand the power and potential of LinkedIn. He is also the co-author of the book, “LinkedWorking.”

Transforming The Way Women Think

Masum Mamaya talks about the “Economica: Women and the Global Economy” exhibition.

“Your Book Is Your Hook!” – Speaking Strategist & Knockout Presentations

Hear Diane DiResta, a speaking strategist and author of “Knockout Presentations,” speak about specific tips to make your presentations more effective.

Your Book Is Your Hook! – Radio Media Tours & Conscious Creation Author

Jackie Lapin joins me for an in-depth discussion about why radio media tours work and about being the author of “The Art of Conscious Creation.”

Taking Advantage of Shared Wisdom

Mary Cantando talks about the Womens Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar.

“Your Book Is Your Hook!” – Online Media Kit & An Impatient Author

Liora Mendeloff, CEO & Founder of InstantMediaKit, talks about the new industry standard online media kit & Sande Shurin talks about “Star Power!”

Visionary Does a Helluva Job

Holly Million talks about having the right attitude to succeed.

Your Book Is Your Hook! – Publicist & Fiction Novelist’s Dream Come True

Lynda O’Connor, publicist and owner of O’Connor Communications in Chicago, and author Mary Hutchings Reed, fiction novelist.