Your Book Is Your Hook! – Radio Media Tours & Conscious Creation Author

Jackie Lapin joins me for an in-depth discussion about why radio media tours work and about being the author of “The Art of Conscious Creation.”

Taking Advantage of Shared Wisdom

Mary Cantando talks about the Womens Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar.

“Your Book Is Your Hook!” – Online Media Kit & An Impatient Author

Liora Mendeloff, CEO & Founder of InstantMediaKit, talks about the new industry standard online media kit & Sande Shurin talks about “Star Power!”

Visionary Does a Helluva Job

Holly Million talks about having the right attitude to succeed.

Your Book Is Your Hook! – Publicist & Fiction Novelist’s Dream Come True

Lynda O’Connor, publicist and owner of O’Connor Communications in Chicago, and author Mary Hutchings Reed, fiction novelist.

Consumer Expert Attracts Gen BuY

Kit Yarrow talks about how tweens, teens and twenty-somethings are revolutionizing retail.

Retail Reporter Highlights Gen BuY Power

Jane O’Donnell talks about how Generation Y is changing consumer trends rapidly.

“Your Book Is Your Hook!” – Networking & Relationships

Pat Weber, America’s #1 Coach for Introverts & Shy, talks networking tips & Coach Clint Stonebraker’s incredible publishing story.

New Leader Shows Big Initiative

Heather Murphy talks about the new Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Your Book Is Your Hook! – Ghostwriter & Author of “The Natural Cat”

Discover more about ghostwriters and hear from the author of “The Natural Cat” who wrote her book with a co-author and without a computer.