Find Your Card Making Style

Let’s review some of the most popular card making styles and help you identify yours!

Selling Your Handmade Cards

Learn out to set yourself apart from the competition when selling your handmade cards.

Glean from Your Dreams Part 1 with Dr. Rosier

Dr. Rosier’s night dreams revealed answers towards her success. Listen in to learn how to get more out of your night dreams too!

Check-out The Local Vault!

Patricia Espinosa and Betsy Perry talk about The Local Vault and how it can benefit our listeners.

Go for the Gold in Life Part 2

You will find that you may only need to tweak a few things to reach the your goals which will be your Gold!

Go for the Gold in Life Part 1

Explore some of the Olympic Secrets to Success!

Small Business Connections Part 2 with Guest Bobby Foxworth

Peer-to-Peer Networking ideas for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses that is a Win-Win.

Small Business Connections Part 1 with Guest Bobby Foxworth

Maximize your business connections with unique networking techniques.

Episode 2: Confessions of a Goal Digger-Kim Boudreau Smith

This month’s guest- Kim Boudreau Smith…
CEO Bold Radio Station
# 1 international best-selling author

Journal to Success Part 2

Journaling is much more than a diary. This teaching focuses on the different types of journals that you can keep.