About Yolanda Shoshana

Yolanda Shoshana, “Shoshi,” is a lifestyle expert that is a Courtesan Curator, Seduction Alchemist, Witch and Clairvoyant that encourages  women to tap into their senses and unleash their magick.  She is a popular expert on sex, love, relationships, and luscious living. On Monday and Friday nights she hosts the lifestyle web show, The Charming Courtesan, on Google+ and YouTube. You can also get some lifestyle,love, and psychic pixie dust on The Charming Courtesan blog.

Yolanda is also the Host of Courtesan Candy on WomensRadio. Courtesan Candy helps women a more sexy sensual, and spiritual life.

Courtesan Candy: Be a Budget Savvy Bride

jessica lehry bishop

Have the wedding of your dreams while on a budget. Yolanda Shoshana talks with Jessica Lehry Bishop, founder & editor of Budget Savvy Bride.

Courtesan Candy: Burn Baby.. BurningAngel


Yolanda Shoshana interviews adult film star, Joanna Angel, find out which one of her adult movies you must see to spice up your life!

Courtesan Candy: Sensuality, Love, and Lingerie


Find out sexy secrets about lingerie from, Margaret Shrum the Lingerie Goddess

Courtesan Candy: Fifty Shades of Oral Pleasure

50 Shades

Marissa Bennett talks about her latest book, ” 50 Shades of Oral Pleasure” on Courtesan Candy. After this show you will be able to get down!

Courtesan Candy: The Men On My Couch


Find out what happens when you mix men, sex, and psychotherapy .

Courtesan Candy: Make Love Longer


Having issues in the boudoir where your partner can’t sustain himself during sex? Help is on the way Promesent, so you can make love longer.

Courtesan Candy: Find Your Soulmate Online

dr diana

Dr. Diana Kirschner shares steps for finding your soulmate online.

Courtesan Candy: Everything is Better with Sex Butter


You deserve a sex life that rocks your world! Sex Butter can help you have more pleasure and fun in the bedroom.

Courtesan Candy: “Safe and Sexy with Lucky Bloke”


Are condoms a big mood killer? Lucky Bloke makes safe sex fun and exciting by being the ultimate condom subscription service.

Courtesan Candy: Coming Back!


“The Luscious Life” is coming back as “Courtesan Candy”. Change is a very good thing.