Courtesan Candy: Be a Budget Savvy Bride

jessica lehry bishop

Have the wedding of your dreams while on a budget. Yolanda Shoshana talks with Jessica Lehry Bishop, founder & editor of Budget Savvy Bride.

Courtesan Candy: Burn Baby.. BurningAngel


Yolanda Shoshana interviews adult film star, Joanna Angel, find out which one of her adult movies you must see to spice up your life!

Courtesan Candy: Sensuality, Love, and Lingerie


Find out sexy secrets about lingerie from, Margaret Shrum the Lingerie Goddess

Courtesan Candy: Fifty Shades of Oral Pleasure

50 Shades

Marissa Bennett talks about her latest book, ” 50 Shades of Oral Pleasure” on Courtesan Candy. After this show you will be able to get down!

Courtesan Candy: The Men On My Couch


Find out what happens when you mix men, sex, and psychotherapy .

Courtesan Candy: Make Love Longer


Having issues in the boudoir where your partner can’t sustain himself during sex? Help is on the way Promesent, so you can make love longer.

Courtesan Candy: Find Your Soulmate Online

dr diana

Dr. Diana Kirschner shares steps for finding your soulmate online.

Courtesan Candy: Everything is Better with Sex Butter


You deserve a sex life that rocks your world! Sex Butter can help you have more pleasure and fun in the bedroom.

Courtesan Candy: “Safe and Sexy with Lucky Bloke”


Are condoms a big mood killer? Lucky Bloke makes safe sex fun and exciting by being the ultimate condom subscription service.

Courtesan Candy: Coming Back!


“The Luscious Life” is coming back as “Courtesan Candy”. Change is a very good thing.