Rare Bird Alert System and App makes Birdwatching Easy

Interested in birding or have you ever enjoyed birdwatching? Listen to this interview with Jeff Simeon, the creator of Birdeez, a new smart phone app that gives rare bird alerts and ultimately will make bird identification easy.

Startup Santa Barbara: Localizing Startup America

If you’re a small business, you must listen to learn about Startup America and how the private sector is dramatically increasing the success of entrepreneurs across the country due to a set of entrepreneur-focused federal policy initiatives and localimplementation.

USGBC Approved Compressed Straw Changes Green Building

Compressed straw board revolutionizes green housing following Green Building Council (USGCB) standards, lowering construction site costs and bringing additional cash crop to farmers. Learn more.

Women’s Global Room: Empowering Women, Connecting Solutions by Phone.

Hear how you can help change the lives of women and children around the world by just getting on your phone and listening. Linda Higdon shares how her Global Room for Women has changed lives.

Clean Water to Save Lives Globally One Filter at a Time

Hear how you can help save lives one filter at a time with Safewater International and Ning Jiang, a PhD student developing a low-cost, family water filter system for use in areas of extreme poverty.

Funding Science Takes a New Face: CrowdFunding

Crowdfunding for science – educating and inspiring the world to support change for the better. Dr. Jai Ranganathan and Dr. Jarrett Byrnes share their new concept and the research behind it.

Rural Electrification Renewal Energy (REwiRE) Wins Impact Investing Challenge

What is better than light in remote rural areas of poverty? Listen to a team of social entrepreneurs who won the International Impact Investing Challenge and are extending the electrical grid through micro hydro power.

International Impact Investing Challenge for Grad Student Social Entrepreneurs

Hear about the finalists for the International Impact Investing Challenge and the work of talented grad students who are creating socially conscious enterprises.

Social Entrepreneurship in Liberia and Women for Peace

Women for peace in West Africa are helping produce the first finished products for export from Liberia with Chid Liberty, social entrepreneur and founder of Liberty and Justice.

End War in Afghanistan with Education.

Is there a way you can help stop the conflict in Afghanistan? Would you like to learn more about how and what the truth is about the Afghan people? Listen to Hassina Sherjan.