About Richard Gracer

Richard I. Gracer, MD, is the founder of Gracer Behavioral Health Services, an innovative and comprehensive substance abuse program that stresses the reduction of cravings, and has been in medical practice since 1974. He is certified in Addiction Medicine and Family Practice, and a Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management. He edited Beating the Years, Beating Sports Injuries, and Beating Back Pain (Barron’s, 2003,2005, 2006), and wrote the popular “Ask the Doctor” column in the Lamorinda Sun for 10 years. He is the author of A New Prescription for Addiction.

Dr. Gracer is also the Host of A New Prescription for Health on WomensRadio. A New Prescription for Healthfeatures discussions with noted experts, both researchers and practitioners, on cutting edge, holistic, and comprehensive treatments for pain and addiction. Aimed at the educated person seeking more information, this series provides hard-to-get information and insights, including interviews with actual patients, on treatment of these difficult and pervasive problems.

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