“Living with Loss on Purpose”

In “Love Letters: Reflections on Living with Loss” Andy Baltins shares the process of losing Nancy: his best friend, childhood sweetheart, wife, and the mother of their children — to ovarian cancer.

The Purpose of “Courageous Souls”

New book by Rob Schwartz: “Courageous Souls ~ Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?”

“Peaceful Spirit Flutes on Purpose”

After believing she is “unmusical”, Terry Mack’s musical journey to overcome her fears is transformative.

“Clearing out Clutter on Purpose”

Alison Roberts has discovered the benefits of de-cluttering her life and now encourages others to “wake up”.

“Singing on Purpose”

Simone Awhina, singer, dancer and sound healer, passionately shares through her own personal musical journey.

“Business Coach on Purpose”

Kerry Brown is also the Managing Director of the Victoria B.C. Canada chapter of eWomenNetwork.

Sue Kenney “Pilgrim on Purpose”

As the pilgrim in her book “My Camino”, Sue Kenney discovered purpose in her voice.

Dan Millman is also “Living on Purpose”

When Lynn discovered that Dan Millman’s book was called “Living on Purpose” she welcomed him to be her guest, and he graciously accepted.

Introducing Lynn Thompson & “Living on Purpose”

Join host Lynn Thompson as she meets with Elizabeth Cunningham, author of “Magdalen Rising” in her introductory program here on WomensRadio, July 2007.