About GabrielleP

Description: When my daughter was born, I made a commitment to life. When she died, that contract was broken. After years of grief, it’s time to renew my contract with life. If this speaks to you and you, too, wish to renew your contract with living, after grieving the death of a child join us for an exploration of life after grief. This topic has the potential to bring not just personal healing, but global healing, for unhealed trauma usually begets more trauma. Finding that spark that allows us to regain some dignity and to be whole again after the death of a child allows us to regain the ability to feel joy, compassion, and love once more.

Yet, it does involve rethinking things. I will always be a mother, but I needed an entirely new reason for being…or so I thought.

My situation is a bit unique in that when my daughter died, I was working as a resilience coach with people dealing with trauma, PTSD and abuse. So, when I got that 3 a.m. call that my daughter was on life support and might not make it, I watched in horror as I descended into all the phases of shock and paralysis I had been trained to recognize in others. Even though I’d worked with veterans with PTSD and taught them processes to detach from the horror and yet, there I was, in the very midst of it myself.

What I discovered was that I could regroup, but only after the grief had had its way with me.

I made several attempts to start over. Eventually, I realized that years of grief has a momentum all its own, a negative momentum. If I was really going to be able to turn my life around, I was going to have to work at looking forward. I would have to find new ways to think about who I was now. I would have to create an entirely new life. If this speaks to you, join us!

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