Chris Gartmann – A Nomad’s Life

Nomad Life, Chris Gartman

How to lead a nomad’s life with dedicated traveler, Chris Gartmann.

Expat living on a Greek Island – Author Jennifer Barclay

Jennifer Barclay

Happiness doesn’t always mean getting the guy, but author Barclay’s love affair with living on the island of Tilos, Greece, comes close.

Underwater video, world traveler, pioneer – Chuck Nicklin

Chuck Nicklin

Legendary underwater video pioneer, Chuck Nicklin, shares stories about how a whale, luck and patience led to a life of travel and success.

Joy C. Mitchell – Solo travel in Europe

Joy C. Mitchell, the Gathering Road

Joy knows solo travel and shares tips for connecting with locals, finding lodging and staying safe wherever you may go.

Jason Nicoll – Expat living and Perma-culture in Brazil

Jason Nicoll

An expat Brit and recovering IT business manager, Jason talks about RTW travel and discovering his life’s work in Brazil.

Kim Koeller – Traveling with Food Allergies

kim koeller

Don’t let allergies dent your trip. Author, Kim Koeller, talks about managing multiple allergies for business and recreational travel.

Carolyn Chase – Travel carbon footprints and Earthday SD

Earth Day Balboa Park

How to reduce your carbon footprint while flying and the founding of San Diego’s Earth Day with Carolyn Chase.

Dr. Carolin Lusby – Climbing Horizons travels with purpose

dr. carolin lusby

How to travel with purpose and make a positive difference at destinations with Dr. Carolin Lusby and Climbing Horizons.

The Boys Who Fly – Benjamin Jordan and Godfrey Masauli


Benjamin and Godfrey speak about their quest to fly, creating the documentary, The Boy Who Flies and the School of Dreams in Africa.

Harvey Newquist – The Traveling National Guitar Museum

Harvey Newquist Guitar

Traveling with his National Guitar Museum is taking Harvey to more than 20 stops around America. He talks about his collection and the tour.