Drink fine wine, ride fine horses with Tammy Rimes

Tammy Rimes1, the gathering road

Tammy Rimes talks about her passion for horses, running a vineyard with her husband and writing, Drink Fine Wine, Ride Fine Horses.

Expat Family with Marina Kuperman-Villatoro

Marina Travelexperta, gathering road

Russian born American, Travelexperta Marina, talks about expat life and family travel from her home base in Guatemala.

Sailing San Diego with Captain Dana Parks

Dana Parks

Captaining your own ship and turning it into a business is exciting and challenging says Captain Parks of San Diego Boat Tours.

Frequent flying with Sean Meehan

Sean Meehan, Frequent flie,r Trip Wellness

Earning frequent flier miles quickly can take you across the world often. Sean talks about becoming a points program expert and an expat.

The Thrifting Diva – Ayana Pitterson

Ayana Pitterson, Thrifting Diva, Trip Wellness

Ayana Pitterson, the Thrifting Diva, shares her shop-a-holic passion and strategies for mastering up-cycled fashion.

The Cocktail Renaissance – Liz Edwards

Liz Edwards

Cocktails have become a culinary experience and Liz Edwards celebrates the renaissance at her award winning, San Diego Spirits Festival.

Party Brazil – Slang, fun and futebol with Jadson Cacador

Jadson Cacador, Party Brazil

Visit Brazil and party like a local with tips from Jadson Cacador, Capoeria teacher and co-author of the Party Brazil Phrasebook.

The power of sound with Alanna Kaivalya

Alanna Kaivalya

Using mantra to get through difficult airports? Sacred Sound author, Alanna talks about doing so and the power of mantra in daily life.

Walking New York with David Naczycz of Urban Oyster

David Naczycz, Urban Oyster, The Gathering Road

Walk through some of New York City’s most historical and tastiest neighborhoods with David Naczycz of Urban Oyster.

Travel Past 50 – Tom Bartel and Kristin Henning

Tom Bartel, Kristen Henning, Travel past 50, elaine masters, gathering road

Travel past 50 has it’s benefits. Tom and Kristin talk about the rhythms and rigors of a life spent traveling.