You Deserve a Break!

How “deserving” can disrupt your long-term financial goals and get the best of you …

Essential Oils—Why Are They So Essential?

These powerful, yet gentle gifts from the Earth have healing properties that are available to us …

Guest Christian D. Gilliland

Prepaid Legal a company specializing in providing access to legal services

Parenting Your Child with ADHD

It is now possible for concerned parents to treat their child’s attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) without medication.

Emergence Care

The new healing modality that’s changing the world of health on all levels: Emergence Care

Balancing the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine

Take a moment to consider that you contain aspects that are both male and female and that you are a small representation of the universe.

The Center of Light Radio Show

Life and healing after a near-death experience

Making LIGHT of Change: Partnering with Spirit

Career shift? Relationship changes? Illness or loss of a loved one?

Sha’ La Light Wolf

Sha’ La Light Wolf has been led to share so that others might awaken to their own abilities and their true selves.

Pet Adoption HR 1

Dr. Randy and Samantha discuss the Humane Society of Southern Arizona