Helen Dunlap: COVID Communication on Personal Level


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Helen Dunlap

She’s staying current and engaged with her current clients.  Find out what zoom “cocktail hours” and appetizers  offers and how she imagines being there with friends. She has been lagging in learning technology until the coronavirus. Now she feels she may find new ways to communicate rather than travel. She is having much different conversations with clients and is keeping up with her clients more on a personal level. Her clients are primarily in the nonprofit sector and are continuing to work.

She misses getting outside and going where she wants to go. She is a bird-watcher and identifies birds as she travels around the country. Communication with old friends is filling the space and hopes she can continue doing this after the coronavirus pandemic. She wanted to foster a cat now that she’s at home more, but no cats were available.

She is reevaluating how her life might be reorganized using technology.  Technology may take the place of travel more in the future.

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Nan has been President of Nan McKay and Associates, Inc. since 1980. She started Nan McKay Connects LLC in 2019 and has started 4 other businesses over the last 50 years. She has received numerous awards including the Allan Anderson Award of Merit from Minnesota National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials, the Section 8 Administrators Award, in 2018 the National Association of Women Business Owners’ (NAWBO) Signature Award for Southern California, and in 2019 she was selected by NAWBO as the California Woman Business Owner of the Year. She was co-founder of Minnesota Women in Housing and has served on the Board of Directors for the National Leased Housing Association for many years. She has two buildings named after her in Minnesota, a 10-story elderly high-rise, the Nan McKay Building, and a family subsidized development, McKay Manor. Nan now hosts four podcast shows featuring stories of women empowerment, oral history makers of affordable housing and community development, and stories of ordinary people coping with COVID-19 pandemic.
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