David Smith: Many Potential Outcomes from Coronavirus

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David Smith

The external environment is in rapid flux with a wide range of outcomes possible.  We are not in charge of the rate of external change. David has worked in that type of environment both globally and domestically.  Today we are very aware of the role of housing in society, health, and family stability. We are going to see that stable, quality housing is going to be a barometer of who has done well and recovered.  Financial and economic aspects are rapidly coming to the floor. Affordable housing is directly affected by government policy which differs around the world.

He considers the hierarchy of needs as they relate to circles of impact and horizons of change. Hear how he feels Maslow’s theory relates to the coronavirus, using the same priorities as Maslow. He talks about the phases of the coronavirus changes. Housing and housing finance is in phase 2. How can we make interim relief most effective?

He talks about the OODA loop: observe, orient, decide and act. Problems can get you down, but puzzles are to be solved. You can then decide how you can be impactful today.

When you are at home, you no longer have the same cycadia rhythms. Working from home requires marital co-space sharing. David provides many thoughts and tips on how to set up circadian rhythms at home.


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