The Optimized Patient


The Optimized Patient How to Prepare for, Survive, and Recover from Spine or Other Major Surgeries (knee, hip, shoulder, etc.) with Harvey Warren

After three years and seven spine surgeries, Harvey Warren finally figured out what it takes to make the best recovery from the damaging effects of incisions, anesthesia, antibiotics, and opioids. The Optimized Patient, a new book he has penned with the insight from a team of six spine patients, four surgeons, two physical therapists, a chiropractor, and a nutritionist, is dedicated to helping anyone prepare to be an Optimized Patient. No matter how perfect the surgery, no one will achieve the goal of a pain-free life without the will and the knowledge to help them self.

Harvey Warren, author of The Optimized Patient. On June 24, 2010, Warren suffered a car accident that set the events and surgeries that have propelled this book into motion. Warren has enjoyed many careers, from screenwriter to film producer to financial services professional. With a bachelor’s degree in communications from Ithaca College and a master’s degree from Syracuse University, but writing has always been his passion. As the Optimized Patient he fulfills his dream to write about healing. Mr. Warren lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Wileen.

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