Daniel Pinchbeck author of How Soon Is Now?


Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within Interviews Daniel Pinchbeck author of How Soon Is Now? who will show us how the ecological crisis we are experiencing now can provide an opportunity for a rapid evolution of human society on all levels. Daniel Pinchbeck who is also the author of Breathing Open The Head and Notes From The Edge Times and other books, covers everything from energy and agriculture, politics, media and ideology, in order to understand the nature of the soul and the future of our current world. http://www.pinchbeck.io

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“Healing From Within” is a radio series designed to encourage self-investigation, soul awareness, and self-mastery of emotions, thought processes of the mind, and how they inform the physical body for greater health. Sheryl Glick, Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Practitioner and Medium, with authors and leaders in the fields of science, medicine, psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, alternative healing modalities, spiritual communication and the arts share their vision and perspectives for a multi-dimensional view of transformation and evolution. Each show offers ways for listeners to align their inner essence with their daily physical life for the purpose of promoting positive experiences. Such results affirm the individual and are reflected as well in healthier group interactions.

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