Listen to Your Heart and be in the Present Moment


In order to be in the present moment, we have to look at what stops us from being present. We have to look at our thoughts and where our attention is going. The ego would have us going on a merry dance thinking about the past or the future but never the present moment. We can reminisce about the past or want to plan a future, but these are all games in taking us out of the present. We can spend so much time and energy going over hypothetical situation in our mind, that things could be different than they are right now, that if I had done something in the past differently then what would my life be? Or what if I make these mistakes again in the future. Hyperthticals are there to keep the fear in place that we could do something wrong in form.

The Spirit waits so patiently in the present moment for us wanting to connect with us to share all this love that we are. It sends us mighty companions to join with and walk this path back to God so we don’t feel alone. It encourages us to listen to our hearts know that by doing so everything will fall into place. This is how we escape fear and return to love. We don’t need to worry about the should’s, the would’s and the could have’s, everything that is needed is simply unfolding right in the present moment.

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