How to Create a Vision Board that Actually WORKS!


Vision Boards are tools that help us “get us what we want,” right? You know, like manifesting fancy homes, fast cars and dreamy relationships. All you have to do is dream big, find a picture, and slap it on your vision board and voila! The Universe will deliver. Except that it doesn’t really happen that way, and then people git disappointed and claim that vision boarding and manifestation is woo-woo stuff that just doesn’t work.

Are you ready to learn the trick to making a vision board that actually works?

We are creative beings, and we create using our emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Unless our emotions, thoughts, and feelings are involved in the creative process, we will not successfully create that which we desire!

What does that mean? It means that unless the images and phrases used on our vision board stir an emotional response within us, they aren’t going to manifest! Join Lora as she teaches you exactly how to create a vision board that works and also why the vision board process works to target the subconscious portion of the brain.

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