Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #361 Part Two


Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #361 Part Two was taped at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts on a lush July afternoon and features Gaea Star Band members Mariam Massaro on vocals, native flute, kalimba, harmonica and ukulele and Bob Sherwood on piano and congas.  We begin today’s show with the mystical, drifting “It’s Only You Who Can Surrender”, brought in with Mariam’s lyrical flute and carried by Bob’s emotive, sensual piano.  “Hello To Our Bodies’ Rhythm” begins with bluesy harmonica from Mariam and drifts into a lovely summer reverie as Mariam picks up her ukulele and sings of ease and flow.  “We Carry The Dreams Of The People” pays homage to the victims of this week’s mass shooting in the form of a gorgeous, deeply felt ballad and “From Stardust We Came” is a bluesy meditation carried by Mariam’s chiming acoustic guitar.  We continue with a trio of songs from Mariam’s CDs, the expansive, adventurous and African-flavored “Vision Quest”, the hopeful, acoustic guitar-driven “Rooms Of Doubt” and the deeply romantic, 50’s-flavored “When You Touch Me”.  “While I Stand In The Forest” is a lush ballad to nature, and today’s closer “Nothing To Fear” features Mariam’s piano and acoustic guitar from Bob.

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