Maya Angelou speaks to her ‘Daughter’

 “A greeting and just a smile can be a tremendous gift, an embrace can be a tremendous gift to a person who needs it.” Dr. Maya Angelou

This QuantumAge Radio Broadcast discusses Dr. Maya Angelou’s book, Letter to my Daughter, with your host Marlene Caldes and Maya Angelou.

Maya Angelou’s book reflects on her early years in San Francisco, the pains and pearls of wisdom of her times. Though Dr.Maya Angelou has borne and deeply loved her only child, a son, this internet radio episode is the sage advice, given to us, as her ‘Daughters’.

Throughout the QuantumAge Radio broadcast, Marlene Caldes talks with Dr. Maya Angelou about her “daughters”, which is all of us, as women. Maya Angelou shares her glorious advice to all of us that love and embraces her life’s cadence, beauty, and wisdom.

From San Francisco’s Bay area, Welcome to Conversations of the QuantumAge with InnerVoice Network’s CEO/Founder, Marlene Caldes. Marlene hosts conversations with the foremost writers, innovators, health experts and metaphysicians of our times.  

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  1. This so lovely personal time with Maya Angelou,this wonderful, talented,brave soul, was uplifting and re-reminding of all that could and does happen as we go along our hurried ways in our lives. We need not be lifted to a pedestal, but remembered with honor… MC