Raana Zia author of Your Hidden Light


Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Raana Zia author of Your Hidden Light as she combines her career in executive level leadership roles and her passion and intense desire to discover her own purpose and potential for self-actualization. Raana shares how her everyday life and success in business and as the mother of two children she began to explore what really stimulated her heart and soul awareness and helped her understand how to make her thoughts and actions translate into what she really wished to explore and be part of. She discovered that Conscious Creation is a Discipline and a Daily Practice and why you need to start looking at your world from the inside out. Your external world is not separate from you, but directly connected to you. There is an energetic and spiritual force that connects everything in the universe. It is this energy that emanates from inside of you that molds and shapes the universe around you. More concisely it is the energy of your thoughts beliefs feelings and words that create all of your external experiences. When you begin to internalize that everything outside of you is a reflection of what is inside you, your reality becomes your feedback mechanism. You decide what needs to change by changing yourself. You become the master of your reality. https://www.yourhiddenlight.com

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