Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #347


Today on Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #347 Mariam Massaro and pianist Bob Sherwood of the Gaea Star Band welcome very special guest singer/songwriter Justus Conant presenting some numbers from his band Bleu Collar Pirates’ brand new LP “Earth Of Mercy”.  Recorded live at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts on a blustery March afternoon, today’s show begins with Mariam’s “Channel Of Light”, a bluesy folk song featuring Mariam’s chiming 8 string ukulele.  Bob takes a turn for the dramatic and Mariam plays lush, scalar lines on her native flute as Justus lays down a bed of lush acoustic guitar.  “Healed By The Majesty” is a gorgeous folk ballad pillowed in a wash of acoustic guitars from Mariam and Justus and supported by a series of beautiful piano motifs from Bob that, try as they may, can’t reach the delicate beauty of Mariam’s visionary vocal.  Next up, Justus presents his bittersweet environmental ballad “Earth Of Mercy” and the dramatic, lilting “When Lilacs Bloom”, each given dimension and depth by Mariam on harmonica, vocals and native flute and Bob on piano.  Mariam returns to the lead vocal with the stormy, tempestuous “Spring Break Communion” and Bob adds layers of drama with his histrionic piano.  “Oh, Oh, I Am Free” is a fine folk waltz led by acoustic guitars from Mariam and Justus, and we finish with another poignant Bleu Collar Pirates number with the restrained Americana gospel of “Snake Handlers And Gypsies”.

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