Dr. Ken Keis on Holistic Growth


What would it be like to live a life of both personal and professional success and satisfaction?

What could you accomplish if you felt enthusiastic and confident in your work every day?

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For over 25 years, Dr. Ken Keis, Ph.D. has helped people to understand the connection between satisfaction, leadership, purpose and wellbeing. Because true success comes from finding passion, purpose and joy in ourselves and our work, not just from blindly forging ahead, without awareness of one’s feelings.

Have you ever found yourself at a place in life where you just didn’t fit? If so, Ken certainly can relate!

Born and raised expected to take over his family’s dairy farm, Ken is no stranger to radical change and growth. It wasn’t until he owned a farm himself that he woke up one day at the crack of dawn (as usual) and asked himself, “if I did this for the next 20 years, would I be satisfied?”

The answer was a resounding and immediate “NO!”

Ken decided to take action. It was terrifying. But after an extremely awkward and intimidating conversation with his family–where he had to explain why he was breaking three generations of Eastern European family tradition–he began to pursue his passion in speaking and sales.

Ten years as a sales trainer later, Ken found himself travelling worldwide as a speaker. At first it seemed like he was living the dream: highly sought after, hopping from country to country, bringing in a six-figure salary working for big names like Chrysler.

Except that he never saw his wife or kids. And soon, the stress of never taking time off began to take its toll.

Once again, Ken found himself in an unsustainable situation. He learned the hard way that what he values most is his family and health… and thankfully was able to make a change before it was too late.

He became the leader of Consulting Resource Group, an organization that has helped more than 1 million people in 50,000 organizations worldwide improve employee satisfaction and productivity. Ken has helped develop over a dozen internationally-acclaimed tools, designed to take an objective look at the factors influencing an individual’s productivity and satisfaction. Most famous among these is the Personal Style Indicator, which illuminates what makes people intrinsically different, and how to navigate those differences.

Today, Ken’s passion remains leading others to experience the same clarity and joy he did by creating a life of purpose, and empowering leaders to empower others. With more than 3 million written words, 10,000 hours of consulting and speaking experience, and co-authoring of 10 professional development tools, Ken has had a profound impact on the world’s leadership landscape for the last 24 years.

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