Meet Amanda Boleyn is the founder and CEO of She Did It Her Way


Have you ever had the thought, “If everyone just did it MY way, things would be so much easier?” Me too! So why is it then, that we truly have the opportunity to do it our way, that we don’t?

In today’s show, meet Amanda Boleyn is the founder and CEO of She Did It Her Way. Shortly after two years in Corporate America post-undergrad, Amanda made a leap, moved from West Des Moines, IA to Chicago, IL and became a full-time freelancer, traveling the globe delivering sales, marketing, leadership development and employee trainings with large organizations. Some companies include JP Morgan, att, Weight Watchers, Intel, University of Kansas Medical Center and others.

Amanda first launched She Did It Her Way podcast in January 2015 and has consistently been ranked as one of the top-resources for female entrepreneurs by, Forbes,, Huffington Post and many others. She Did It Her Way has been downloaded over 2 million times and continues to grow every day. Amanda also runs a monthly membership, Her Way Society, designed to help women turn their passion into profits.

Do you think you might be ready to leap? Listen in, and decide for yourself!

You can find Amanda at

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