It’s Stepping Into Magnitude


When we think about magnitude we think about being successful in the world, having a good job, money, fame, nice things and being respected by others. In fact this is littleness which is all part of the ego mask. We build self esteem through trying to make it in the world but in the background there is always something missing because the ego wants more. When aligning with ego thinking it has no idea of how to be satisfied and therefore continues to strive for what it does not have. Magnitude on the other hand is not of time and space, magnitude is the experience of being one with God, knowing that your worth is set by God alone and has nothing to do with this world. In this weeks show David is joined by Jackie Simpson and Kirsten Buxton as they explore this rich topic of going beyond the ego thinking to God thinking. Kirsten shares a section from A Course in Miracles called “Littleness Vs Magnitude” to set the tone for this wonderful online gathering which takes place each month. Let the miracle lead the way as we fall back into magnitude.

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