Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #329


Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #329 was recorded live at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, MA, and is an hour of inspired visionary acoustic improv music and songs by Mariam Massaro.  This week we feature Mariam Massaro on vocals, acoustic guitar, ukuelele, celtic harp and native flute, Bob Sherwood on piano and congas, and special guest Amanda Pollock on vocals and drums.  We begin with an energized and deeply spiritual take on Mariam’s “Reborn” from her “Gaea Star Crystal:  Awakening The Tribes Of Light” album before segueing into the lush, mysterious circularity of “Hitch A Ride On The Train Of Love” which features fine vocals from Mariam and Amanda.  “There Is A Way” is a wise and hopeful prayer from Mariam, driven by her intuitive lyric and chiming acoustic guitar.  Opening with a gorgeous native flute and piano duet from Mariam and Bob, “Moving With Grace” is exactly that, a graceful interlude, a somber and pensive ballad with a fine, expressive vocal from Mariam and imaginative piano motifs from Bob.  Mariam picks up her ukulele for the bouncing, playful “What The River Has To Say” and provides rich arpeggios on celtic harp for today’s final piece, “Balance, Harmony”.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour with Mariam Massaro can be heard on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.

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