Single Parent Finds Success When Science Meets Spirit!


Bio: Deborah Drummond was born in Vancouver, Canada and loves the vibe of her city, the music, the healing opportunities, the empowering of others but her biggest passion is her 2 amazing children, Chloe who’s 25 and Ocean who is 14.

Deborah has been a pioneer in alternative medicine and started a private holistic health practice / centre in 1990. She teaches and has conducted over 50 lectures on various healing modalities including but not limited to Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Massage, Brain health, Natural Anti-aging and Weight management.

She’s an expert speaker for multiple organizations such as the Children’s Hospital, the Royal Bank of Canada, the YWCA and more.

She has been dedicated to healing people thru various Massage and healing modalities and to date has worked on over 30,000 clients.

Deborah, with her passion and insistence for pure ingredients in products she would use, fell in love with a company four years ago that was in her words, “doing it right”.

Since the products were focused around science based, anti-aging skin health and brain health, both with proven results, she took Canada by storm and now the international market as well and has just recently been honoured as one of the top sales people in North America.She has a big heart for creating life changes for people, whether on the level of the physical, emotional, spiritual or financial.  Creating dreams are, “her thing”. And her motto is: Where Science Meets Spirit! and

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