Past Life Readings


Spiritual Messages of Love and Support from Your Previous Life Times

When we explore our past lives, we receive gifts of information, validation and celebration, connecting our timeless spiritual essence to our present time incarnation. Before the intuitive Rose Reading of my guest, Ali, we will look at past lives, including how to access and interpret them. The main goal of reading past lives, of course, is always to provide helpful and beneficial information, relevant to the present time life.

Living in Quantum Love with Virginia Dee Archives can be heard on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.

Living in Quantum Love is about living the miracle that we already are and have never left. About understanding that we are already perfect and don’t require fixing. Living in Quantum Love will awaken your deep inner knowing while helping you realize that you are not merely a human being striving to have spiritual experiences but are in fact a spiritual being simply having a human experience. The direct experience of this truth will erase fear, hatred, unworthiness, guilt, judgment and separation.

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