Becoming More Receptive to Spirit


If you’ve been listening to Love Never Dies you’ve become to know that love has no barriers—it transcends time, space and alternate dimensions—Just knowing this truth readies you to create your own state of receptivity to loved ones in spirit.

In this week’s show I will give you an overview of the some of my techniques for heightening your receptivity, so you send and receive spirit communications.

Your ability to communicate with spirit is a two-pronged process. First you need to turn your entire being into a receiver that is in tune with the communications that are being sent to you. But a receiver in the full “on” position isn’t enough. All your sensory organs also need to be acutely attuned so that you can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel these communications.

In this show, we will jump start your receptivity so that you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel the presence of your loved ones in spirit. Feeling their presence is the first-step to reconnecting, which is the only way to turn off grief and turn on the boundless healing and guidance that your loved ones in spirit are waiting to offer you.

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