An Intuitive Heart


This week, Dr. Judy welcomes native Philadelphian, Nora Truscello, an intuition expert, counselor, coach, best-selling author and international speaker. With over 30 years of experience and training in the mystical realm of intuition, Nora’s work includes two best-sellers – The Science of Intuition and The Spiritual Psychic – which teach readers about understanding intuitive knowledge and traveling safely through spiritual realms. As a teacher, lecturer, and spiritual intuit, Nora’s Intuitive Footprints program guides people through the process of exploring and interpreting the force of their intuition in an easy, safe, and useful manner. Nora passionately follows her two part mission; to help people “tune in” to discover their natural abilities and beyond discovery, how to actually use their ability to do so. Do animals continuously speak with us or only when we reach out to them? Can anyone communicate with pets or animals? This show will provide the opportunity to hear Nora and Dr. Judy discuss these questions as well as the key process of communicating with animals in general, so be sure to tune in!

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