Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #321


08-30-18 Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #321 is an hour of live improvised music and songs by Mariam Massaro that was recorded by Mariam and Bob Sherwood of the Gaea Star Band with Mariam on vocals, celtic harp, kalimba, ukulele, native flute and acoustic guitar and Bob on piano and congas.  Taped at Singing Brook Studio in late August of 2018, today’s show begins with the expansive, lovely, meditative “Awakening” which is led by Mariam’s prayerful, evocative vocal over an insistent gospel piano from Bob.  Opening into a roomy, echo-laden coda, the piece segues into a lush instrumental featuring flowing, virtuousic native flute from Mariam and intertwining classical piano motifs from Bob.  “Passion In The Sky” is a rollicking ragtime piece with fine ukulele work from Mariam and bluesy piano from Bob beneath a joyful tale of rain in the night from Mariam.  “Flower Of Life” is another expansive piece featuring overdubbed congas and percussion from Bob and a duet from Mariam as well as extensive vocal-and-native-flute call-and-response sections from Mariam.  We finish with two fine renditions of Mariam’s recorded songs from the “Smooth Sailin’ Love Songs” album- the mystical, celestial love story “Twin Flames” and the altogether more earthy “Waiting For You”, a misty country tale of desire and longing.

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