Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Naked Self-Worth


Have you ever been so focused on doing everything right, on meeting everyone’s expectations, doing what you are supposed to do, and checking all the right boxes that you end up stuck in your head, disconnected from the needs of your own body?  In our fast-paced society, where we frantically try to live up to each other’s Instagram feeds, where we are always being told we can do more and climb higher, we lose touch with our intrinsic worth, with the ability to value ourselves for who we are instead of what we do. And in the process, we conceal vital parts of our identities.

Naked Self-Worth: The ability to value yourself for who you are, instead of for what you think others believe that you are. In order for to be immune to judgment and self-sacrifice, to live a life filled with personal as well as professional satisfaction, we need to give ourselves permission to get naked and reveal all facets of our identities in how we show up in the world, integrating ourselves into the lives we’ve worked so hard to create.

How would your life change if you released your own unrealistic, self-sacrificing expectations, stripped out of self-judgment, “shed the shoulds” and valued yourself for who you are, not what you do? How would your life change if you chose to Live Your SPARKLE?

What is SPARKLE?

Somewhere, deep inside, underneath the heartbreak, frustration and exhaustion that comes from fulfilling a million different roles, conforming to everybody else’s labels, is your true essence; your gorgeous soul. That part of you that has been covered up by others, by society and even by yourself. All of our souls sparkle and shine, it’s just that all of our souls sparkle differently! Sometimes we get confused, thinking that we need to be just like someone else, but we don’t. We need to reveal our SPARKLE exactly as it is, without cover. Are you ready to FLAUNT! and reveal exactly who you are? I can’t wait for you to join me!

Life is a Dance, Let’s Choreograph it Together!

Life Choreography® is the art arranging the seemingly inconsistent, frustrating areas of your personal and professional life – whether spiritual, emotional or physical – into a joyful, cohesive dance that has intention, integrity, and is scintillating in form and substance, yet is magically tailored to bring out your individual SPARKLE and light.

Whether you are excited, nervous or ripping off your clothing as you run for the pool, ready to dive in and go for it, let’s spend 30 minutes chatting, figuring out how I can best support you, in your journey to release self-judgment and self-sacrifice and reveal a glorious new you! Email lora@pyramidfusion.com or call 303-994-4945 for your Free 30 minute Life Choreography® session

I am an expert at helping women drop their cover and reveal their naked self-worth so they can achieve personal and professional satisfaction by:

  •  Falling in love with their bodies,
  •  Putting an end to self-sacrificing behaviors and mindsets,
  • Establishing rock-solid self-worth and creating an intrinsic valuation system that will wash away self-judgment, and
  • Allowing them to expose and integrate all aspects of their core essence into the wonderful lives they have worked so hard to create.

So, if you would like to:

  • Explore real-world strategies to reveal your beauty, brains and beliefs.
  • Inoculate yourself from shame by healthily exposing your fears, flaws and failures.
  • Knock out paralysis created by the fear of doing something wrong.
  • No longer be undone by criticism or failure.
  • And above all…

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