The Unintended Consequence of Mental Illness


Isn’t it’s comforting to know that if we are mentally healthy, we will never be impacted by any strange, bizarre, traumatic or sad consequences of mental illness? After all, bad things don’t happen to good people, and all we have to do is stay away from crazy people, right? WRONG!

According to the World Health Organization, one in four people have a mental health disorder. This means that, like it or not, we will all be impacted by mental health issues (either our own or others) at some point in our lifetime.

Join Lora as she interviews Erin, an enlightened and intelligent young woman who spent an extremely traumatic six months in a relationship with a man with mental illness.

Erin J. Green is originally from Lexington, Kentucky, though she has also lived in other fun places such as New York and Hawai’i. Currently she is enjoying a nomadic lifestyle full of lots of road trips, and has recently made a move to share her love of traveling with the world. Professionally she has worked as a librarian and event planner, and has also dedicated a large portion of her life to the study of yoga, which inspired her social media name “The Yogi Librarian.” When she is not caught up with her aforementioned activities, Erin also works as a freelance model and performance artist, a dream she recently began chasing after. She wants to encourage others to do the same and follow their passions in life that they didn’t think were achievable, because you just might surprise yourself, as she surprises herself every day!

For more about Erin and her work, and to see where she is traveling to next, visit her at, or follow her on Instagram (@theyogilibrarian).

Please take a moment and read her story, in her own words, below:

June 22, 2015

That is the day that I died, and a new me came to be. It was the first whole day of summer after the solstice, so I suppose it was only fitting for me to have a new beginning, but it wasn’t exactly my choice. However, it was a long time coming, and I needed a push to finally make a change. My push came with the change in the seasons.

What happened that day? Something that I never thought I would experience, that’s for sure, but before I get to that, I have to back up and tell the whole story for it to all make sense.

About four months earlier, I met Jordan. Jordan was, on the surface, a very quirky guy: quiet, shy and reserved, but most saw that as a good balance to me and my personality, which was usually outspoken, talkative and upfront, so to some, we made a good pair for this reason, and for the most part I agreed. Jordan and I were together often, and in the public eye we had a happy relationship together, but the truth, as always, is more complicated. What no one knew about our relationship was that both of us were slowly dying, but in different ways.

My first impression of Jordan was not a good one, because he seemed too scatterbrained for me, yet I agreed to meet with him a second time after that. I will forever wonder how my life would have ended up had I not texted him back after our first date like I originally wanted to, because I know things would not be the same. The second time I saw him, our interactions went far better. He had graciously bought me a bottle of wine, so I invited him into my apartment to drink it with me. A few hours and glasses of wine later, I woke up with him asleep next to me, and I wondered why I had let that happen, and that was the beginning of my descent…continue here:

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