Practical Application of Nonduality


In this interview with David, Kenneth Clifford ask some very meaningful questions: they cover the highly intimate revelations of ‘direct knowing’ with Spirit and how to activate this relationship; forgiveness, the correction of error, as the bridge given by the Holy Spirit; and the goal we want to have in our heart, to look for an experiential solution to the problem of identity, of forgetting I am a perfect child of God. David also points out the importance of the Holy Instant as the gateway to Eternity! What is it like for David now? ” It is a soft quiet observant presence that looks upon illusions and sees them for what they are.” “There is nothing to get hung up about!” And finally David describes how the important resurrection is not of the body but the resurrection of the mind, the overcoming of the ego, staying above the battleground!

This recording took place in the Living Miracles Studio in Chapala Mexico.

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