For the Love of Seniors


This is going to be a wonderful show as Dr. Judy is once again joined by her husband Hue to talk about something that each of us will experience as our pets age – life with senior pets.  As you know, Dr. Judy and Hue have rescued many puppy-mill “discards” who have comfortably grown into their teens despite heart disease, arthritis and breed-specific issues to which their spaniels are predisposed.  It’s no surprise that senior dogs have different care requirements than their younger counterparts and this is your chance to learn about managing their needs.  At what age is your pet considered a senior? Are there breed and size considerations that affect how you treat them?  Perhaps you’re thinking about adopting an older rescue but unsure how to support mobility issues or even proper feeding if they have few teeth.  You have only to look at the happy Breakfast with Spaniels pack to know all these concerns can be dealt with to ensure their quality of life is the best it can be.  This is absolutely the show you’ll want to tune in to as Dr. Judy and Hue discuss what you can do – for the love of your seniors.

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