Where Does the Animal Spirit Go After Death?


This week, Dr. Judy is pleased to welcome Dr. Karlene Stange, DVM, an integrated veterinarian, author and educator, joining us from Durango, Colorado.  As a child, Dr. Stange wanted to be an “animal doctor” before she knew the word “veterinarian.” She earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Colorado State University in 1985, studied Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine with Dr. Huisheng Xie and traveled to China in 2000 with him for advanced study.  Dr. Stange has been in practice for 33 years, incorporating acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, and nutrition into her Rocky Mountain Anima Animas practice. She speaks at veterinary conferences on the spiritual qi of animals and also enjoys sharing what the world’s religious, scientific and spiritual teachings say about the nonphysical aspect of animals at other group meetings.  Want to hear more?  Tune in and listen as these two like-minded doctors discuss caring for both the physical and non-physical sides of our pets!

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