Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #310


Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #310 was recorded live at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts in June of 2018 and features Mariam Massaro and Bob Sherwood of the Gaea Star Band on vocals, native flute, acoustic guitar and marimba and piano respectively.  Today we are also joined by the amazing vocals of Sondra Lewis, who enriches the last half of the show with her inspired improvisational, visionary singing.  Today’s first number is the spacious, classically-inflected “Misty Moody” which features a lovely, multifaceted vocal and lyric from Mariam over gentle soul piano from Bob.  “Lead Us On” grows from the embers of the first number, with Mariam playing her silvery-toned eight-string ukulele over a minimalist, shifting piano motif from Bob.  A lovely melody and an evocative lyric weave around the lush harmonic framework, a shifting and bittersweet tapestry is woven.  Next up we feature some varied and imaginative reframings of several songs from Mariam’s “Vision Quest” cd, beginning a grooved-out version of the forest anthem “Spirit Of The Forest” with overdubbed harmonies from Mariam and a swinging conga track from Bob.  “Restore” brings in the vocals of Sondra Lewis as we present an extended, evocative take of this song by Mariam.  “Vision Quest” is driven by Mariam’s native flute and marimba with Bob’s trademark piano motif very much present as Sondra and Mariam weave inspired vocals through the piece.  Today’s final number is Mariam’s mysterious “Rialia”, presented as a multi-movement tone poem that evokes a misty forest evening.

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