Accepting Yourself Exactly As You Are. It is Possible!


We have all been conditioned to believe that we need to be different than what we are to be okay. This belief runs so deep inside of us that we don’t usually question it. Join Mary in discovering how to unhook from this old conditioning so you can know the joy of accepting your body, your mind and your heart exactly as they are.

What’s In Your Way IS The Way with Mary O’Malley can be heard on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.

Most of us live in a world of struggle. Our day is filled with little struggles, big struggles, devastating ones and even silly ones. Imagine for a moment discovering how to move beyond struggle into the joy of showing up for the great adventure of Life. It really is possible to live from a place of openness and ease, even while experiencing deep challenges or tending to everyday tasks and obligations. What’s In Your Way IS the Way explores a revolutionary approach for healing everything that causes you to struggle with Life rather than fully experiencing it. Your host, Mary O’Malley, invites you to open to the radical notion that in your life, whatever you perceive to be in your way IS the way. In other words, your challenges are tailor-made to help you see your particular brand of struggle so you can unhook from it, allowing you to experience the joy of being fully alive, no matter what is happening in your life.

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  1. Yes it is possible, accepting yourself as you are.I have been teaching taekwondo and yoga for the last 23 years and learnt both arts, finally realized,we must. present ourselves as warriors not through physical force rather our natural actions.I teach ananda yoga from my heart,I learnt through variety of yoga classes and built my own style with the guidelines of Ananda yoga, which adds peace, joy,tranquilty and surrender to God.Pleasing others is never going to make us confident, we must speak through our inner voice.Follow God and be sincere and connect with your soul,No Ego dear friends.Kindness and Humility is the process.

  2. I was raised in India,when I moved to United States,many things I could not understand, cultural differences,I was trying to fit in and blended well with local Community,knowing the depth of local community, felt more comfortable every day and realized all human beings are same, we must accept ourselves and be broad minded.