The Human Soul’s Evolution


On this show, Jennifer interviews Leigh Ann Phillips to discuss the human soul’s evolution and how sound healing activates and supports this process.  We play some of her beautiful music with crystal singing bowls, voice and various instruments, “Removing Negativity” and “Sun”.   Leigh Ann also teaches “The Living Soul Course”, meant for those who truly want to transcend karmic patterns.  Join us for this enlightening discussion and gorgeous Soul – full music!!

Cosmic Harmony with Jennifer Gehl can be heard on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.

Inspiration comes from knowing and living your purpose.  On this show, we explore the cosmic imprint that creates the music of your life.  The astrology chart is a roadmap for your life’s unique harmonic signature.  And just like any sheet of music, it can evoke inspiration or tension depending on how the artist brings it to life.

The more we cultivate our authentic nature and purpose, the greater healing we experience and add to the collective.  Join me as we explore how to create cosmic harmony that represents the “U” (you) in Universe!!

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