The Art and Importance of Asking and Receiving


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Flaunt! Build Your Dreams, Live Your Sparkle! with Lora Cheadle 

In today’s show we will learn the art, as well as the value, of Asking and Receiving. Until we let go of our obstinate notions of being proudly and fiercely independent, will we be able to live, happy lives full of dignity and value. We will debunk the myth that it is possible to live truly independent lives, and show how and why interdependence is a much healthier, sustainable way of living. America’s cultural notion of “proud, fierce independence” has created a culture of greed, lack and indignity for all of humanity. We need to consciously return to a culture of interdependence if we want to survive and thrive. Only when we re-frame our notion of “entitlements” and “charity” will we again begin living with dignity and respect. Are you ready to change the world? Let’s FLAUNT!

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