How to live in the Kingdom, in the Star Gate, or in a place of Divine


Higher Consciousness with Keith Anthony Blanchard

Join Lora Cheadle and transformative thinker and teacher, Keith Anthony Blanchard as they discuss how to live in the Kingdom, in the Star Gate, or in a place of Divine, Higher Consciousness. Learn the three tenets that Keith uses as a way of staying grounded and planted in a higher reality, the four key elements he uses to live in a Divine Space, and as he guides the audience through an opening process, allowing listeners to glimpse their true nature.

Keith Anthony Blanchard was born on November 30, 1963, in Houma, Louisiana, and had a typical middle class Catholic upbringing.

In his early teens, he often entertained himself by pondering the big questions about God and the universe. Little did he know that the day would come when those questions would form the spiritual foundation upon which he would build the rest of his life.

In his late twenties, Keith went through a crisis that stripped him of everything he held dear and left him with no choice but to turn inward for answers. This he did, but the peace and stability he so wanted still eluded him.

When he was thirty-two, celestial beings began to appear to him, sharing glimpses of his future and the world’s. Not only did they enlighten and guide him, they instructed him to pass their message on to others so that they, too, could learn a higher way of living.

Now fifty and living a peaceful, stable life, Keith continues to pursue his passion to both learn and teach about Truth.
Keith’s credo: “Why choose to believe when you can know!”

The Divine Principle: You can find his bestselling book, Anchoring Heaven on Earth, on Amazon.

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