Our Bodies, Body Shame


Join Lora as she dives deep to uncover thoughts, ideas and feelings surrounding our bodies and ourselves and the body shame we all carry in one form or another, no matter what we look like.

We live in a society where it’s considered bad to be fat; where saying someone is fat is an insult. But is? Is it an insult only if we mean it as an insult, or is it only an insult if the person takes it as an insult? Is there ever a way to speak about our own body, or the body of others, in a healthful, objective and honest manner? Are “fat” and “unhealthy” synonymous terms, and is there such a thing as Is there such a thing about being “OK fat” vs. “too fat?” What about other body conditions? Hair loss, age, deformities, scarring, height, foot size or the color of our skin? Are we only sensitive to that which ails us, or is one particular condition worse than all the rest? When I say Buddha is fat, bald and old, is that a fact, or an insult? Does it make a difference if you too are are fat, bald and old?

Is this truly a problem regarding body size, shape and condition, or is this a symptom of larger problem – discrimination against women? Does it have to do with our own self concept and self confidence? Women who are “too thin” are criticized, as are women who are “perfect”. Too thin women “need to eat, are meth-heads” or are “anorexic.” Women who are “the right size” are “too sexy, slutty, easy” or are “dumb bimbos.” Can a woman EVER win? If so, what is the ideal size for a woman to be? Are men plagued with body shame to the same degree as women? Does skin color come into play? What is the root cause of our obsession with other people’s bodies and where is the root of our collective shame?

How do we help heal a marginalized population without creating another marginalized population and without bringing separation? For example, the “Black Lives Matter” movement helps showcase a marginalized population. It is not saying that all lives don’t matter, but it has created division where none was intended. Title Nine, Affirmative Action and other such programs meant to bring balance to an out of balance system have sometimes created division and claims of reverse discrimination. Is there a way to do this correctly, without causing further division?

There are two sides to every coin. How do we unite both sides, bringing balance, tolerance and understanding to all?

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